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 Power Animals

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PostSubject: Power Animals   Thu Jul 31, 2008 9:25 am

This web address captured from another forum (hmmmm) was fun the first time I visited. Today I went back. LovU

See what I discovered?! RedHeart Unicorns everywhere. . . InLov

The greatest blessing of the unicorn is that of faith, for the unicorn exists completely within faith and draws all of her powers from faith. Whenever you feel doubt coming over you, either in your own capabilities or in the future outcome of something you desire, just breathe in deeply and picture the mystical spiral horn on your forehead. Feel faith filling you as you watch it slowly growing larger. You are the unicorn and it is impossible for you not to believe.

The unicorn will also bring you great powers of healing. She will unlock your own potential as a healer, allowing you to connect deeply with others and give them powerful guidance that will open their lives to love and peace. Be patient as you learn how to use this new power. It is very real and will unfold to you gradually over time.

The unicorn will also open your imagination, allowing you to see into the worlds of mystery and myth, unlocking your potential as a teller of tales and perceiver of truths that go beyond the ordinary and into the legendary. The world of fairies and sprites is waiting to open to you in beauty and wonder. It will open at your command, for you are the unicorn.

Love is limited only by lack of expression. . .
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Power Animals
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