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PostSubject: BETTY   BETTY Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 7:10 am

thought it would be easy to have an exchange focuse on Betty.
Let said I may need it.

So the flower shopping you have yet is:

paquerette Clematis (number 09)
paquerette Holly
paquerette Cherry Plum
paquerette Gorse
paquerette Vervain
paquerette Sweet chesnut
paquerette Star

You will need also:
paquerette Walnut..It's an essence I use to move the bones..It's a very Hades essences.A feminine one connected with passages of all kind and also mobility.

paquerette Rock water is a softener.
When there is lost in mobility it's difficult not to consider this flower.

paquerette Willow
paquerette Honeysuckle

The combination of Willow, Cherry plum, Honeysuckle, is Love wave RainbowLov
Nancy you really have to find these flowers.
But all paquerette listed will be great help.

Can you add more to your shopping?
You will need a dark dropper( 30 ml) (blue or amber never mind.Buy what you find or if you have choice pick blue of course)
Please ask for one with the glass and rubber part.
English dropper seems to be more frequently droppers for essentials oils. The dropper part tend to be rigid plastic not glass/ rubber.

Droppers for flowers are those with pipette with glass/ rubber.

If you can find some brandy..or vodka.
Brandy is best , vodka is second choice.
If possible organic of course.
If not, do not worry flowers are efficient also if it's not organic.
Just if you are aiming for the most efficient as possible always privilege the organic.

I also need some feedback on Betty.
You have give me some elements but the more I can have the better it can be.

You have to know:Flowers are efficients.
They work.
If there is no result in the flower it's only because the flower was not well pick.
It never the flowers who has to be put in doubt but the choice who must be rethink..

If flowers do not help please considere I will not see you..I wll not feel her..
I can do flowers on distance but it's less easy for me.

It's like for everything...You are my link to Betty and there is no way you can report to me I will miss a lot of informations.
That does not mean this could not be possible..just it's less easy.
Especially as you have never use the flowers.

I am use of doing flower at distance...but with some who practice the flowers for years.
With you that mean I have a lot to teach to you.
The problem is there is a lot who could not be explain.
We are in the I FEEL zone.

So regarding this I FEEL zone where is Betty?
What are her feelings?
You can try with your word..
Or ask her to tell you..and give me her words..
Oh yes please ask her, her own words.
Explain her we need to know the rainbow of feeling she is currently in.
If possible what does she feel before it happen?
Was the moving real tiring and enough to make her weak to that?
What were her feelings about leaving the house???? lovHome

I very much would like to be with you.
Do you think we can phone together?
If so we will need to find a time suitable for both.
I won't be home this sunday if I am right but saturday might be ok.
I mean mine saturday.You seems better than me to the UK/ US time.
We will need to speak together first because you may have plenty of questions and if you have my voice first it's better than to discover it when you have Betty with you.

We can do without the phone...but the phone help me a lot.
So if you think we can try, email me your phone number.
I will call you...if I can..
At least I will try to call before this week end.


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PostSubject: Re: BETTY   BETTY Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 2:00 pm

I don't see Betty very often.... but I just wanted to share...

Betty is so so sweet. I cannot tell you how adorable she is.
I love Betty dearly.... it is a joy to even think about Betty.
I just keep thinking of her and sending Love... RedHs
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PostSubject: Re: BETTY   BETTY Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 10:03 am

I sent a response to this thread yesterday and don't know where it went!

I will ask Betty this weekend to read this forum and see what she wants to do. She can answer any questions also, if she wants to.

It seems to me that this is the right way to go. RainbowLov

Love is limited only by lack of expression. . .
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Number of posts : 347
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PostSubject: Re: BETTY   BETTY Icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2008 10:55 am


I send Love..... RedHs
Love LovPop
and more Love... Yoyo
BlueButterfly BlueButterfly BlueButterfly
just for you...
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PostSubject: Re: BETTY   BETTY Icon_minitime

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