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 Me wondering

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PostSubject: Me wondering   Me wondering Icon_minitimeThu Aug 21, 2008 8:54 am

It's the move!!!!!
It's Betty move that trouble her RainbowLov

What has she lost while moving??
What does she fear to lose?
Is it the house?
it's it the children?
Can it be you?
Does she know about your healing abilities?

If that is you and if she knows about your healing abilities maybe, being paralized can be her way to solve what trouble her.
If she made like a sort of obligation to stay close to you...not to move.
If she has to stay around for obvious healh emergency?
US is huge country where does they plan to go if she move? Have they find it yet?
What has happen 2 weeks ago..or some hours or days before 2 weeks ago?She must remember.She must know it..Ask her.
Maybe do you know it yet.
Before they move how many hours driving to see you? than if they move how mayne hours will it be?

Ok I might be stupid but can the fear to lose you being so huge to her it change her in stone????
It must be something related to the move.It is.
Whether it is connected to you o not it's has to be the move.

She is afraid of moving...

300% sure

I send you Love LovPop plenty...
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Me wondering
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